Ree Newable & GEE


Tween scientist Ree Newable and her Green Energy Explorer (aka GEE) are on a mission to teach students across Oklahoma about the wonders of renewable energy!

Ree is a born-and-raised Native Oklahoman who’s dedicated to local flora and fauna (that means plants and animals), and the natural resources we share that generate clean energy.

GEE is fully powered by renewable energy. Solar, wind, hydroelectric, you name it! He’s a walking science lab, who’s able to provide any materials needed for experimentation, and he converts himself into a backpack that fits perfectly on Ree. He’s even able to propel himself like a jetpack using solar power, allowing the duo to travel across the state for their renewable research!

Together, “Ree and GEE” explore, learn, and have fun sharing their discoveries about renewable energy – today, and for the future.