The Future is Renewable

Oklahoma’s renewable energy resources are key to the state’s economy, and today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders in the rapidly growing renewable energy marketplace. 

The future is renewable, and OREEP’s comprehensive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)-based lessons empower students and help prepare them to compete in a global economy that prioritizes responsibility, diversity, and environmental sustainability.

The Future is Bright

From the rays of the noonday sun to the wind that “comes sweeping down the plains,” our world provides multiple resources to generate clean, efficient, renewable energy. 

OREEP’s mission is a dedication to face challenges with determination and hope, with a spirit of responsibility and resilience, to educate students across the state about the brighter future that can be found embracing, exploring and advancing the science of renewable energy.

The Future is Free

There is freedom in renewable energy - an opportunity for independence, self-reliance, and equity through the harnessing of power generated by our abundant renewable resources for economic and environmental stability.

OREEP’s curriculum is conceived, designed and presented by science teachers, for science teachers, with right-sized materials and equipment provided for free so that all students can be given a hands-on, fun experience discovering the world of renewable energy science.

The Future is Renewable with teachers leading the way.